Mini Vasudevan- How starting and running an NGO can give your life purpose

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Mini Vasudevan is an Indian animal rights activist based in Coimbatore. She founded Humane Animal Society (HAS) in 2006, and currently runs the organisation. She was awarded the Nari Shakti Puraskar in 2019, the highest civilian honour for women in India.

She says people need to understand that animals help them connect with the environment and realise how each living being is part of a delicate ecological balance.

In the premiere episode of Intermittent Brain Fasting, I speak to Mini about her upbringing, how her love for animals has shaped not only her life but the lives of others around her and why sterilisation, Animal Birth Control (ABC), Anti-Rabies Drives (ARV) are crucial to a society. I also get her opinions on the joys, challenges and roadblocks of setting up and running an effective NGO in a country like India.

“It was Max, my pet dog, that strengthened my connection with animals..

Mini Vasudevan

Humane Animal Society

HAS is a group of people who believe that the power of compassion, love and kindness will make a meaningful and positive difference to the lives of the animals around us. We strive to rescue, treat, rehabilitate, feed, and love the animals that need us the most.

The mission statement of HAS is to mitigate animal suffering through humane ABC, rescue, treatment and rehabilitation. To spread awareness about animal rights through education in schools. To empower humans by providing them with a platform to contribute to the cause in their own unique way. Our vision is of a compassionate society where exploitation and abuse of animals is a thing of the past, and a future where all animals can claim their place on this Earth.

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