Breaking the Fast with Atima Madhavan

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Karan Rana

Passionate about all things Operations, Single Malts, Espressos, Science, Music, Tattoos and Philosophy. Liverpool Fan. Serial Traveller. Guitarist.

Breaking The Fast episodes are light-hearted ramblings between the hosts recapping certain topics from the guests of the month, as well as a host of “less deep” topics.

In this episode, one of our Co-hosts Atima makes her first appearance. Atima and Karan talk all things life- interests, experiences and how the podcast came about and their fascination with astronomy

Atima Madhavan

Co Host| Chanteuse at heart, Copywriter by choice. Highs over lows – be it a C6 on the scale or ten burpees in a row. Acceptably obsessive Dog Mom. Wildlife Buff. Pro Overthinker.

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