Smita Tharoor- Why making your biases conscious should be a priority

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In this episode, I speak with Smita Tharoor about unconscious bias. We talk about our “backpacks” and how biases affect our thoughts and decisions both in professional as well as personal life. If you want to know more about how to identify your biases and make them conscious or even if you are just interested in how culture affects our thought processes and perceptions, this episode is definitely worth a listen.

Smita Tharoor is a thought leader on unconscious bias. She is the author of “Stories of Unconscious Bias”, a podcast where she talks with people from all across the globe on their experiences with unconscious bias. She is a TedX Speaker, coach and mentor and also the founder of Tharoor Associates as well as co-founder of Culturelytics, a global data analytics firm which focusses on organisational culture and financial impact. She is also an associate lecturer at University of Arts,London.

She has over 25 years experience within corporate, regional and international frameworks and in large voluntary, statutory, health and private sector organisations. She has considerable experience in embedding a Coaching culture into organisations and in providing turn-around solutions for training & development companies in their fledgling state. She has expertise in the pioneering and development of training and education provision; with particular experience in the business management and service improvement areas.

You can find the link to the Stories of Unconscious Bias Podcast below:


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